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Principal's Corner

Principal Garrett

Greetings Bulls Family!!!


With great pleasure and enthusiasm, I greet you as the new principal at N.L. Dillard Middle School. I am eager to welcome you back for what is sure to be an exciting year as we look to focus and center ourselves on providing our students with a high-quality, rigorous learning environment. N.L. Dillard Middle School will continue to be a welcoming and safe space where we believe that ALL students can excel academically. When we work as a team with the best interests of our students as the focus, academic excellence becomes a reality.

We will have an active parent and community partnership which will serve to strengthen the academic success and social-emotional health of our students. By functioning as a collaborative learning community with consistent, honest, and positive communication, we will best serve our students.

We invite you to Be Positive, Be Respectful, and Be the Difference in the lives of our children.


Clarence L. Garrett, Jr.
Principal, N.L. Dillard Middle School

“We the Willing, Led by the Unknown,
Doing the Impossible for the Ungrateful.

We have done So Much with So Little for So Long,
We are now qualified t
o do Anything with Nothing.”