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Cafeteria Prices

  • Breakfast
    • Full Pay: $1.40
    • Reduced Pay: $0.30
  • Lunch
    • Full Pay: $2.60
    • Reduced Pay: $.40

While students may bring lunches prepared at home, carbonated beverages and other beverages in cans at lunchtime are discouraged.  No glass containers are allowed. All food must be consumed within the cafeteria’s dining room. Students may not take food or drinks out of the cafeteria.  Please keep money in your child’s account so that debts do not occur. Failure to pay cafeteria debts will result in your child not being able to attend after-school events.


Important Note: Students who owe money to the cafeteria or have other outstanding obligations to Dillard Middle School, will not be allowed to attend or participate in extracurricular functions.  Students will not be allowed to try-out for extracurricular activities or participate in extracurricular or co-curricular activities that are not part of the regular instructional program (such as behavior incentives). Full participation will be restored once all obligations to the school have been fulfilled.


Caswell County Schools recognizes the importance of nutrition to student physical health, growth, and development.  Healthful, balanced food choices provide well-nourished students the opportunity to actively participate in the educational experience.  Healthier lifestyle choices and balanced food choices benefit each student, their classmates, the school environment, and the community as a whole.  In an effort to promote student wellness, Caswell County Schools does not allow “fast-food” promotion and packaging during student dining experiences.  If a meal from a fast food establishment is provided from home for student breakfast, lunch, or snack, it is the policy of Caswell County Schools that the food not be packaged in restaurant wrappers and/or containers.  Caswell County Schools also recognizes how children are greatly influenced by the daily actions of their role models; therefore, this policy also applies to all school staff and visitors.